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Creokit by Qizzle      is all about


Inquiry based STEAM that puts the child at the centre of their learning journey

The philosophy behind Creokit by Qizzle is simple, to engage children in the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). To do this our kits teach a set of skills and then encourage kids to develop their knowledge to make projects they are passionate about. When you give a kit to a class of 30 students, all will come away with the same skill set but you will have 30 different projects. All unique and amazing, just like the kids who designed them.

Creokit by Qizzle was started to help time starved teachers start a STEM program easily. To do this, all materials, curriculum linked lesson plans in English and Te Reo, project sheets and supporting videos come with every kit. They are designed to run themselves and have been child tested to ensure success. Our kits are not designed to make one set project, they are open ended and capable of making an unlimited number of projects, giving students a world of possibilities. The only limit is their imagination!

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Jump over to our blog where we cover STEAM news in education, inventions, inspiration and updates in the world of STEM. 

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What's in the Box?

Wondering what is included with your kit? We have included all the materials so you don't have to run around and source everything you need.Take a quick tour to learn more about the kits.

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