Makerspace comes to you.

This week I was lucky enough to visit two schools in Christchurch to run makerspace sessions.

I visited Desna at Fendalton Open Air School with a bristle bot kit and the children and I had a great hour building and trialling the little bots. There were lots of questions - why and how they worked and trying different ways to make them wiggle. It was lots of fun but was also a wonderful introduction to circuits. You can read about it on Desna's blog.

Later in the week I delivered a makerspace session to two classes at Merrin School. The Year 3 classes became a group of engineers while we pondered the characteristics engineers need in order to problem solve and to be inventive.

We read the incredible book Rosie Revere Engineer to understand the design process and the power of making mistakes that we can learn from. The kids then broke into teams and designed a contraption to house and protect their eggs from becoming

scrabbled when launched from a great height.

They presented their designs to the group and

explained why their creations would triumph.

Their creations and ideas where so inventive with so much thought put in.

This is the magic of makerspace. The problem solving, design skills that come from exploring a concept and developing an understanding of a new idea are the skills that children take away from a makerspace session.

If you would like me to visit your school to run a makerspace please see the kits page for more information.