A new look and a chance to win!

So I decided it was time to shake things up a little. When I started, we developed our own logo for CreoKit and set it free on an unsuspecting world. Upon reflection, we have come to realise our creation was a bit too ‘corporate hipster’ for our focus on children’s education. So, we decided that we needed to create a new identity that better reflected who and what we are at CreoKit.

So, behold our new logo.

We’ll let it sink in a little bit before we explain what it’s all about - so here it is again.

So, what is this colourful creation all about?

At CreoKit, we are all about learning through experimentation, understanding what works in a tactile, fun and engaging manner. Our new logo takes this approach and presents us as a kit of parts that makes up a whole. It’s showing that complex solutions are just a series of interconnected parts that are designed to work together in harmony. That is what our kits are all about. Showing that STEM is not daunting as first thought as CreoKit helps step through the process to create amazing things.

We introduced more colour for fun as this is another fundamental aspect for CreoKit. STEM is fun - from toothbrushes that spin around on a table to clothing that lights up like a christmas tree. We see delight and surprise from those who use our kits and we captured that through the playful palette of our logo.

So there you are, a new logo for CreoKit. We would love to hear what you think. We love your feedback so tell us your thoughts. The best response will win a Bright Sparks kit for 20 children - so get commenting!