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Anything Is Possible

We had a great response from our last blog that took a look at amazing new inventions. To further inspire creativity, this is a biodegradable implant that uses electrical stimulation to speed up nerve recovery. It is the size of a small coin, as thin as a sheet of paper and completely wireless. It aids in healing damaged peripheral nerves and is currently being tested in rats.

It has had excellent results in the recovery of muscle strength and control and is small and flexible enough to wrap around an injured nerve. After about 2 weeks the implant is absorbed by the body. Electrical stimulation is used during surgery but once the surgery is finished the opportunity for this type of therapy is not an option. This technology could revolutionise post surgery recovery and act as alternative to drugs. The possibilities of biomedical engineering are endless and still in it's early days.

Engineering is a vast field. It is an occupation that is always changing and evolving. Unfortunately engineering is often overlooked or misunderstood and therefore it is important to introduce children to it when they are young. To give them a love and understanding of what is possible. Do you have a student that loves to work through a problem, see the possibilities or dream up the next big thing? Then introduce them to engineering. Our Engineering Explored kit introduces children to a range of concepts in civil, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering to get them excited and thinking like an engineer. Who knows what they will go on to create.

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