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Careers in STEM

We are starting a new collection of blog posts that will feature careers in STEM. Often job roles sound confusing and fail to excite students looking for a career. They don't know what is entailed in a job or just aren't aware of the options out there.

We wanted to shine a light on STEM careers and give students a bit of a preview to see if that career is the one waiting for them. Our first post is a general look at engineering. It is a very broad career and is often overlooked by students due to a lack of understanding about the many different areas available. There is a downloadable PDF under the image below.

Our engineering kits are designed to give kids a taste of being an engineer. We introduce them to civil, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering with hands-on design challenges. We get them to look at real world issues and teach them to problem solve, learn from failure and be creative. We have a range of kits for both the classroom and home.

Careers in STEM
Download PDF • 262KB

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