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Funding Your Makerspace Program

Fundraising is your best way to get a Makerspace started if your budget is small or non existent.

A while ago I saw a YouTube video about a young boy by the name of Caine. He is the very definition of invention and design thinking. His movie really inspired me and gave me the idea for an awesome fundraiser that will draw in your community and raise funds for future makers. Making a cardboard arcade like Caine's doesn't take much money. Use the boxes from your bookclub orders or visit the local hardware store for boxes and then let your kids creativity loose. Once their creations are complete, open your arcade one evening and invite parents and members of the community in for a play. Sell tickets and have a fun games evening. You don't need to put up expensive prizes, ask local businesses for donations or make your prizes.

Other ideas that have worked for me.....

* Cupcake/Bake Sale

* Mufti Day - gold coin donation

* Read-a-thon

* Scholastic Book Fair - take the money rather than the books

* Secondhand Book Sale.

* Family Maker Challenge evening. Donation towards your program.

* Movie night.

* Quiz night

* Ask local businesses for donations and raffle off prizes.

* Sausage sizzle with donated sausages and bread, hopefully!

There are many other ideas that you can use, your imagination is the only limiting factor. The most important aspect of any fundraiser is to get the families engaged in the project that you are raising money for. If it seems like just another excuse to open their purse they will be less inclined to support you.

A Makerspace is a valuable and important addition to your library, classroom or group. Making this a part of your students learning is valuable and will develop lifelong skills.

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