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Intergrating STEM

STEM has a place in all subjects, not just maths and science and creating an opportunity for students to explore STEM in other non-traditional subjects opens the door for a richer learning experience.

STEM naturally lends itself to inquiry based learning, led by students in areas they are excited and passionate about. If this student agency is allowed to flow across other subject areas, the energy from discovery is transferred to more areas of school life. STEM projects may originate in maths or science class but that is no reason why it can't continue across to english with writing projects or social science with research based tasks. To allow students to fully immerse themselves in the creative aspects of their design process will foster a love of learning in subjects that may not usually be a students favourite.

Making connections from STEM projects to other learning areas allows students the opportunity to discover a real world purpose and expand their knowledge. For example the use of coding language is precise for a reason, so is the importance of grammar in writing. Rather than teaching grammar that may seem useless to a student, this example may resonate with robot fans. Expanding their focus to research areas like careers, innovators and real world applications expands their understanding and appreciation of the subject matter. Incorporating writing, reading and speeches on subjects they are excited about builds important soft skills such as communication, problem solving and creativity.

Just like STEM plays a role in all areas of our lives, from smart homes to advances in health care, it should also integrate into other areas of the curriculum for a balanced education. The purpose of our kits is to engage children in STEM by putting them in the driving seat of their learning journey. No kit has a fixed project outcome because each child sees the possibilities of the parts differently, one kit given to 30 children will result in 30 different projects. Visit our site to learn more and purchase a kit for use at school or home.

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