Makerspace with a heart

Makerspace programs can take many forms from simple lunchtime activities to high tech 3D printers and robotics.

When I first started my makerspace and was researching online, I came across a librarian in Islip, New York by the name of Gina Seymour. She inspired me with her take on a makerspace program by offering STEAM+C - the C standing for Compassion. As well as offering STEAM based projects she encourages her students to nurture their philanthropic qualities. Their focus is on encouraging compassion and empathy for people or groups in need within their community.

They have combined the essence of making, art and giving back into projects that help those in need but also inspire students to make a difference in their community. They have made bibs for a child with cerebral palsy, made cat toys for the local SPCA and even made hearts as random acts of kindness.

Are there groups in your local community that would benefit from a little extra help? Give your students this project and watch them rise to the challenge. Getting behind a project like this and seeing the tangible results in peoples lives is a wonderful opportunity for children. If you do choose to take up this idea, I would love to hear what you get up to and the projects you develop.

As Ghandi famously said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Happy making!

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