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Play leads to great learning

Never underestimate the powerful learning that takes place when children are allowed to play, make and experiment. This is the reason a makerspace is the perfect environment to encourage a love of STEM. The freedom given within a makerspace allows children to discover new concepts, experiment and gain the confidence of learning new skills. This sort of learning motivates and empowers children to take learning into their own hands, lead it and to question more fully the way the world around them works. With this they develop the confidence to try new things, to think beyond what is now to what is possible.

A wonderful article written by the team at the Exploratorium in San Fransisco details how the maker movement can fuel STEM learning. You can read the full article here. In this article they talk about the benefits gained through hands on, maker education as well as how to implement this into the classroom and curriculum. An excellent article from leaders in STEM learning.

Sadly New Zealand is behind the rest of the world in STEM and it is an area we need to make up ground in. Introducing STEM to children at an early age, getting them excited and interested now is vitally important. It is not enough to hope at year 10 that they will suddenly develop an interest in STEM fields. Why not get them tinkering, exploring, designing and making early on. To find out how CreoKit can support you in your school visit

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