Hours of entertainment with 3 kits in 1.  Children will explore the concepts of circuits and motors to build a range of projects.  From motorised robots to paper circuits and light up masks, this is just the start of the projects they can make.


The kit comes complete with instructions, project ideas and templates with links for further ideas.  This kit will keep your kids busy for hours and teach them skills to make their projects amazing!


Kit Includes

Copper Tape

3mm LED's

5mm LED's

10mm LED's

Aligator clips



Battery Clips

Battery Holders


Small bristlebot bodies

Large bristlebot bodies

Micro motors

3v motor

LilyPad battery holders with switch

LilyPad LED's

Conductive thread



Foam Tape

Super STEAM Kit

  • This is kit is suitable for children aged 7 to 16 years.