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Child led, inquiry based STEAM learning

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Creokit by Qizzle is all about making STEAM easy. 

Proudly New Zealand owned, Creokit by Qizzle offers the only hands-on STEAM maker kits built around the New Zealand curriculum. They are designed to meet the needs of New Zealand schools while exciting kids in STEAM fields. 

Class Sets

Our 4 main kits are class sets available in 12 or 24 child kits. They teach students a set of skills that empowers them to design and build their own passion projects. They are designed to be easy to run, engaging and hands on.  They all come with detailed curriculum linked lesson plans in English and Te Reo, supporting videos and project plans.

Class Sets
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Exploring Circuits

An excellent introduction to the world of circuits and STEAM.


The Exploring Circuits kit introduces students to the world of circuits and electronics. The kit explores circuits using three different concepts to gain a firm understanding of electronics.

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Circuits Mastered

Bigger, more complex circuits, renewable energy and an introduction to engineering. This kit has it all!


This kit builds on the knowledge gained in our Exploring Circuits kit, exposing students to more complex circuits and projects. The kit also introduces students to alternate forms for energy, specifically solar and integrates this technology into their projects.  To ramp up their designs we introduce the topic of gears and delve into engineering.

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Engineering Explored

This kit excites and engages students in the fascinating world of engineering.  A career in engineering is often overlooked by students as they don’t understand or appreciate how interesting and varied it can be.  We aim to change that with this kit.  We introduce students to civil, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering through hands-on projects and guide them in a range of design challenges aimed at tapping into their creativity and problem solving abilities.

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Kit 1 front.jpg

Maker : Sew

The Maker : Sew is your complete soft textiles kit. From simple e-textiles to coding projects.


This kit allow you to easily set up and stock a school makerspace with everything you need in one box.


It introduces students to sewing by creating a multitude of projects.  From simple creations to e-textile projects involving coding.  The kit includes LilyPad e-textile components that allow their projects to come to live with lights, sounds and sensors.

Sampler Kits

Our six sampler kits are designed to give you a taste of STEM. They are for students to work in small teams of 2-4. These kits are supported with project plans only. For larger, more comprehensive kits complete with lesson plans, see the class sets above.

Kit 1 front.jpg

Code and Sew Sampler Kit

The Code and Sew kit introduces children to the exciting world of e-textiles with the excellent addition of coding. Your students will learn to use Arduino code and have the opportunity to make their creative projects flash, change colour, beep and more. This kit cleverly combines art with technology and offers support with project plans and videos.

Kit 1 front.jpg

Engineering Sampler Kit

The Introduction to Engineering kit is a hands-on way to introduce children to the fascinating world of engineering. It is designed in line with the New Zealand Curriculum and is perfect for small groups and student-led projects. The kit is challenge-based and centred around real world issues that allows your students to be an engineer for the day.

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Solar Explorer Sampler Kit

This kit teaches children about the power of the sun as well as electricity and how to build circuits in a fun hands-on way. Using the project sheet and supporting video, you can teach your students about the importance of renewable sources of energy, setting them up to build their own projects. You can create a child-led learning experience with this kit full of colourful, exciting materials.

Kit 1 front.jpg

Robobots Sampler Kit

The Robobots kit teaches children about circuits, electricity and design, using a range of motors, fans and propellers, and jumbo sized bristlebots. This fantastic kit introduces children to the basics through a range of projects, then encourages them to use their imagination and creativity with no limit to what you can make from the kit.

Kit 1 front.jpg

Bright Sparks Sampler Kit

A great introduction to the world of STEAM with fun paper circuits projects.


Introduce your students to the world of STEAM with a fun, hands on paper circuits kit. This kit is the perfect entry into the world of STEM and we take you through all the steps with instruction sheets, how to videos and project ideas. A great way of igniting a love of STEM in a creative, artistic way. 

Kit 1 front.jpg

e-textile Sampler Kit

The e-textile kit introduces children to the amazing world of e-textiles where they can make their soft textile light up.


Give your students a love of STEM with this engaging, fun STEAM sampler. The kit introduces children to the amazing world of e-textiles where they can make their soft textile projects light up. This kit is perfect for learning the lost skill of sewing while introducing them to the world of circuits and electronics. 

Coding Kits

The Code Cracker kits were designed to take you from absolute beginner to an intermediate level coder. There are 20 lessons with videos, code and lessons for every project. From there our two extension kits allow you to use your knowledge to design and build your own projects. Using Arduino and C++ coding language, students build their own circuits, providing a hands on, real world coding experience.

Kit 1 front.jpg

Code Cracker Kits

An excellent kit to teach the basics of Arduino coding. 


This coding kit is designed for absolute beginners. It steps students through the basics so they can confidently take this knowledge to design and make their own projects. 


This Arduino coding kit teaches students real world coding and familiarises them in writing and understanding the coding language C and C++. Arduino is flexible enough to suit beginners through to advanced programmers. Teachers and students can use it to build low cost scientific instruments or to get started with programming and robotics.

Kit 1 front.jpg

Code Cracker Extension Kit

Take coding projects to new levels with this extensive kit.


This kit carries on from the knowledge gained in our Code Cracker kit. It allows students to tackle more advanced projects using specific sensors and modules. It takes the Code Cracker kit to new levels and offers unlimited scope for a wide range of projects. There are 37 different modules in this kit that are aimed to work alongside the base kit. 

Kit 1 front.jpg

Code Cracker Robotic Car Kit

Extend students coding projects with this exciting kit.


Once students have gained the basics with our Code Cracker kit, this is the perfect extension. This car kit can be programmed in multiple ways and offers an opportunity to design real world projects involving object avoidance, movement and remote control.

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